Is there a way to update PHP to a new patch version?

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We are having an issue currently with PHP 8.2.0: "Cannot instantiate" from|trait|abstract class from · Issue #9675 · php/php-src · GitHub

Is there a way we can use fideloper/fly-laravel with PHP 8.2.2? How do we specify the patch number?

Thanks in advance!

@fideloper-fly I think this question is best directed at you :slight_smile:

When I do fly search php it does show this version for all the php8.2-* packages: Only after I run apt update, I can also see the new versions:

I see an apt update in the Dockerfile, so I thought it should already be updated :thinking: Maybe the Docker image needs to be rebuilt?

That makes senes, I’ll rebuild those!

Thanks for the heads up, hopefully I can see about automating that in a GitHub Action or similar.

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Thank you! Can you let me know when you have rebuilt these? :slight_smile:

Should be all set now, give it a shot!

:point_right: Let me know if you hit any caching issues with the base container.

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I just redeployed using fly deploy --no-cache but I’m still seeing 8.2.0

On dockerhub I see last push: 2 months ago. Are you sure it’s correct like this?

The example you showed yields this for me:

Are these the caching issues of the base container you talked about? :grimacing:

argggg my build script had an extra flag to also push

That’s pushed now :sweat_smile:

Thanks! Just redeployed a few apps and they are all on 8.2.3 now.

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