Is there a way to temporarily suspend an app?

I have a phoenix app that I would like to suspend for a month or so. Maybe later I will use it.

Is there a provision for that? or Should I delete it now and redeploy later?

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The suggested way to suspend an app is to scale it to count 0. You’ll have no instances online but the app will be ready for the next deployment.

fly scale count 0 -a your-app-name

I assume that is not chargable, right?

We only charge for VMs currently running but if you have volumes those will be charged (assuming you’re past the 3GB free tier)

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Can you help me debug why my bill is 0.67 dollar so far this month?

I only have a livebook and one small blog hosted . As far as i understand, these two apps do not cross 3GB mark.

Why the bill?

Hi! I poked around a bit and was able to find that you have a database deployed, rough-butterfly-8302-db, using a 10GB volume, that’s where those charges are coming from.

Can i scale it down to 1GB Instance? Or maybe lesser ?

Also, isn’t the db temporarily suspended? Does that include as “chargeable” ?

Volumes are still charged for, even if the associated app is running.

You can’t scale down an existing volume, but you can delete it and create a new, 1GB volume that will fit in the free tier. Before that, you may want to take a backup of your database contents.