Is there a .flyignore?

Since the deploy is handled by flyctl is there something like a .flyignore?

Does the CLI take into account .dockerignore files?

Are you ignoring node_modules folders?

When you don’t have Docker running locally, we create a tarball of your working directory and ship it off to our remote builder. This does respect the .dockerignore file:

It doesn’t explicitly ignore node_modules, though, anything you want to exclude needs to be listed in .dockerignore.

It would be great to mention that in the Node tutorial of the docs.

Do you accept PRs for the docs?


I was kinda around there and…

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Thanks I totally missed it! :sweat_smile:

I would have expected it to be higher up in the Docker config.

(You didn’t miss it, I just bumped it in this morning UK time)

The logic of the tutorials is to make a clear path from start to deploy and then to add finesse and optimizations later. Stops the reader being distracted.

Also, thats part of a newer version of that tutorial I’m working on which well, lets say there’s no Dockerfile to build (check out the latest beta of flyctl … I really should make that more prominent for testing folks).

Ahaha thanks for mentioning it. I was doubting myself.

Also, thanks for adding it. :+1: