Is it possible to specify the VM size on deploy/launch?

We’re using for automatic feature branch deployments based on Github PRs, but we currently have to manually scale the VM each time as it runs out of memory.

Is there a better way to do this? Can we specify the required VM size on deploy/launch?

I assume you are using this action? GitHub - superfly/fly-pr-review-apps: Github Action for PR Review Apps on

If so there is a PR out there that is working its way to merged Various fixes by tovbinm · Pull Request #17 · superfly/fly-pr-review-apps · GitHub that add’s some options for scale of these apps. You might be able to work off their branch till this one is merged?

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We’re actually using a custom action made in an Earthfile, but inspired by that action.

I see in that PR that they are also just running a separate fly scale. We’re doing the same, but still having issue. Looks like this is the only way to do this at the moment. Thanks!

You might be able to run the scale right after the create but before the deploy.

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We went with the scale right after launch and it worked great. Thanks!