Is `fly deploy` support for building images supported for Fly Machines?

I have a Dockerfile for building a Fly Machine microVM. Is there/will there be support by Fly, similar to what exists for Fly apps today, to build the image remotely on the Fly build servers, and spin up a Machine using that image?

Currently, I’m building the image locally myself, pushing to my Docker repo, and then invoking the Machines API to point to the image uri to create the new VM.

It isn’t fully ready yet, but yes, fly deploy mostly works for Machine apps. I find it very convenient to use it over the API.

You’d need to add the --auto-confirm flag if you’re running fly deploy for Machine apps in a non-interactive environment (ex: CI/CD pipelines; code).

New Machines:

  1. You can exec fly m run . --dockerfile </path/to/dockerfile> -a <app-name> <other-args> to build an image and “run” the Machine with a single command (see)
  2. And then, fly clone that Machine to other regions, if need be.

Existing Machines:

  1. You can fly update --dockerfile </path/to/dockerfile> -a <app-name> <other-args>
  2. Or replace --dockerfile </path/to/dockerfile> with --image<app-name>:<img-tag> to use an existing image.

I tested out building a new image and deploying the new machine using the fly machine run command and it works great - this is exactly what I was looking for.

I’m running the command from a non-interactive environment; how can I get fly machine run to approve creating a new App? There doesn’t seem to be an --auto-confirm flag for fly machine run, only for fly machinei deploy

Does fly m run need a confirmation? That’s new. You can always submit a pull-request (code) for the --auto-confirm flag, as that’s faster. Or, request that Fly engs do it for you by filing an issue (github).