Instance Family Core Availability

We’re looking to add some additional services that benefit from specific CPU instruction sets, and I wanted to make sure to understand what options were available before making custom docker images for the instances.

Looking at the cpuinfo of our current instances (shared-cpu-1x) use a 7742 AMD Epyc core. While this core does give us the AVX2 instruction set, which does suffice for our current needs, are there any cases where Fly offers instances with the Skylake Core (m5, c6, c5, etc) or Icelake Core (m6i), so we have access to the AVX512 and/or AVX512VBMI sets?

We’re using libraries that directly use Hyperscan for pattern matching, and that additional performance boost could be very useful in the near future.

We have a diverse mix of CPU architectures (AMD and Intel). It varies a lot, we usually have the same architecture within a region.

Eventually we might let people choose or perhaps create a higher performance tier targeting hosts with more recent product families. This is probably far out, unfortunately.

Technically, I could see a way to target “zones” per CPU features though. That sounds pretty useful. Again, not something we’ll likely do soon.

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