Info on how to browse the file directory

Hi, I just used for the first time, for installing a Ghost CMS app. It’s very simple and straightforward thanks to the documentation. I did everything using the flyctl on the Terminal of my Mac.

Now the question is, after I successfully installed my Ghost website utilizing, how can I browse the file manager to change, let’s say, some code of the theme? Is it possible to do it directly from the frontend of, or should I use the Terminal commands? If yes, where I can find the documentation regarding this aspect?

Thank you very much.

You shouldn’t be making code changes directly to your Fly app otherwise they won’t be present in source control and your production will be ahead of local. But if you still wish to do so you can find your project in your deployed app by going to the folder with your fly.toml file and running:

flyctl ssh console
cd /var/www/html

More info here: flyctl ssh console · Fly Docs