Increasing idle timeout


We’re migrating a number of apps to into the concordia and trusselltrust organisations, would it be possible to increase the 60 second timeout for HTTP server to say 120 for these orgs?

These apps have a few slow endpoints and it would be great if we could increase the timeout while we refactor the slower endpoints.

Many thanks,

I don’t think this is a knob we can tweak per application yet, but we’ll check (tomorrow or Monday, the person who knows is out this week).

Just to be sure, though, you have HTTP responses that take 120 seconds to send anything to the client? The 60s timeout resets if any data comes back. Slow endpoints work great as long as they send data back early, and most frameworks let you send headers before an entire body.

yes unfortunately we have some large reports/downloads that we have yet to change to be a streaming response.