Incident? All apps have long load times and unresponsive Fly dashboard

We’re experiencing exceptional load times, and the Fly dashboard seems unresponsive and slow as well. This seems to be a problem across all of our apps. All our apps are hosted in AMS. Two of them have just received a deploy within the last 60 minutes, but the third app has not received a release in 5 days.

Please let us know, I’ve also sent an email.

Hi @jstoone , I’m investigating your report, will update you shortly.

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I am also seeing very slow dashboard load times and some of our APIs are responding very slowly (but not all). Unsure if its related but we are also having deployment issues.

Hi @yharaskrik , the issue reported in this post was caused by some networking issues in Scandinavian countries.
Do you mind to share the output of:
curl -v -H 'flyio-debug: doit' https://<your-api> 2>&1 | grep flyio-debug
This can help us to identify potential networking issues that may be causing the slowness you are seeing.


Doesn’t give me any output.


Oh sorry, I forgot to mention you should replace the <your-api> part in the URL with the app name you are trying to debug. Sorry about that.

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