`ignorefile` option being ignored

the ignorefile option does not work for me. When I deploy with

fly deploy --ignorefile=other/.dockerignore --dockerfile other/Dockerfile

The build context is close to the same size of my entire directory:

 => [internal] load build context                               268.9s
 => => transferring context: 888.99MB                           268.7s

❯ du -sh .
987M    .

But when I move the .dockerignore to the root, it’s much smaller

❯ mv other/Dockerfile other/.dockerignore .
 => [internal] load build context                                17.3s
 => => transferring context: 31.53MB 

I’ve traced the problem to the runBuildKitBuild function, but after that, I guess the process gets taken over by grpc, and it’s going to be closed source.


I would love this to be fixed!

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Just a quick note, I did find where the process is hijacked by grpc on moby build kit

But I don’t really have time to investigate further

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