I’m seeing “No data available” for all my metrics for all instances I’ve checked

Using Safari 13.1.1 on Catalina 10.15.5.

Will you open the dev tools and see if they are any errors on network requests? Those graphs each load from a Prometheus query, so the actual query could be failing somehow.

It’s possible there’s some other js error as well, so if you just get screengrabs on the dev tools console + network requests list we can check!

That’s it. Long-running queries that eventually start to time out.

Well that’s super weird. Will you right click one of those, “copy as cURL”, and then run it from your terminal and see what happens?

here’s the console FYI. Will try the URL’s separately.

Oh those got actual 500s, I guess after timing out. Interesting. I’ll see if I can replicate that.

Curl got 500 after a long delay as well. {“status”:500,“error”:“Internal Server Error”}

Ah, I managed to replicate. It only seems to be happening from the region you’re in, we’ll figure it out. :wink:

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Turns out, Heroku* was inaccessible from our web front ends in San Jose. We removed those for now, you should be all set.

* We run some things on Heroku for redundancy. But they sure have some fun problems.

fascinating! thank you. can confirm it works for me now.