I am getting an error while trying to create a fly machine via the machines rest api

Here is the error and the fly request id:

You ran into an error connecting to the Fly API. If the error persists, keep this request ID to help Fly Support track it down: 01GBEMC81WAGKVH9RBT7R9KMCV-iad

Hi @krishna, we were looking at the errors earlier and believe it’s the image reference you’re sending. Instead of “https://registry.fly.io/lynk-master-me-rust-dev:latest”, you need to use “registry.fly.io/lynk-master-me-rust-dev:latest” assuming you’ve pushed that image to our registry.

Thank you for such a fast response. I just noticed both my errors. I just pushed the image and also fixed the image name by taking the http:// out.

This fixed the issue.

That’s great to hear it fixed things for you and we should have a change rolled out next week to return a better error message.