hugo-static and sass

How can I get hugo-static working with sass source files? I believe sass support is in the hugo-ext binary.
Fly’s hugo-static builder uses klakegg/hugo:0.74.0-onbuild today. Any way to ask it to use the klakegg/hugo:0.74.0-ext-onbuild image instead?

Builtins aren’t well supported and get out of date quickly. Your best bet is copying the contents of the builtin into a Dockerfile you can update. Here’s the Hugo one: flyctl/defaultbuiltins.go at master · superfly/flyctl · GitHub

I looked all over for the builtin code! I ended up making a Dockerfile very similar to this. Would you be interested in a PR to update the built in?

This is basically what my Dockerfile looks like: Update static and hugo-static builtin builders by ananthb · Pull Request #529 · superfly/flyctl · GitHub. I built a static thttpd-container for it because its so much smaller compared to gostatic. Its ~180KiB total and doesn’t need a garbage collector to run.