HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error

Hello Team,

I am experiencing difficulties with deployment as I am receiving the following error message:

“Error: Failed to fetch an image or build from source. Error rendering push status stream: Received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error.”

Can you please assist me with resolving this issue? Thank you.


Getting the same error

Same here. Bumping this to get attention. is all green though.

same here. can’t deploy. so annoying and the status show all working.

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Also experiencing this in SIN region

fly doctor fails with

Testing authentication token... PASSED
Testing flyctl agent... PASSED
Testing local Docker instance... Nope
Pinging WireGuard gateway (give us a sec)... FAILED
(Error: ping gateway: pinger: upstream service is unavailable)

We can't establish connectivity with WireGuard for your personal organization.

Hi folks, we’re aware of some isolated issues with builders and deployments and are working to resolve the problem. It doesn’t appear to be widespread so we haven’t updated the statuspage. We’ll adjust that as we learn more.


Been trying to deploy for 2 hours now.

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It’s working now :rocket:

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my postgres DB is still down until now :((

it’s stuck at suspended state and i can’t restart the PG machines at all, it will always failed with timeout

Error: input:4: createRelease Could not find image “…”