How to use Fly-Replay with a wildcard ssl certificate?

I am dynamically creating machines and using the Fly-Replay header to route traffic to these target machines (and for auto-starting them). With http that kind of works. Now, I created a wildcard certificate with fly because I map these dynamically created machines to subdomains.

As seen here, I need to provide a tls handler for these target machines. But how would I do that if I can’t provide the certificate files themselves (fly keeps them) to the django apps in the target machines?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oops, I didn’t figure that adding

	"port": 443,
	"handlers": [

to the HTTP request for creating the machine already does the trick.

Not sure who exactly terminates TLS though, but I guess the fly proxy does it somehow, even if it passes the connection to the machine. Anyway, it works.

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