How to run Ecto migrations with default config?


I followed the guide to deploying an Elixir app for my project WITHOUT phoenix. For getting it to work I have to run the relevant Ecto migrations on fly. I tried adding the following to my fly.toml:

  release_command = "/app/bin/scroker eval Scroker.Release.migrate"

but deployment fails with code 127.

I guess this is related to the docker image be used as most guides assume a phoenix project which seems to provide a custom Dockerfile etc.

Hey SebRut do you get any other details in the error message in addition to code 127?

Hey again SebRut, after looking into the code 127 a bit more. It’s likely that the release_command is incorrect.

I recommend you deploy the elixir app again but without the release_command then fly ssh console and run it again manually and see what happens.

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Yeah I guess the variants of the release comment where all faulty. I’ve since migrated to a custom Dockerfile which seems to work better :slight_smile:

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