How to open port ranges for webRTC

Need help on opening port ranges for webRTC membrane framework

Check out:

So if you want TCP, you need to manually specify the port(s).

I opened ports 8000-8999. Is it normal that my site cannot be reach?

Er … well it could be one of many reasons. I haven’t used Membrane Framework myself (I believe it’s for audio/video, like WebRTC to HLS?) but the first place to look is always the logs: fly logs from the folder your app is in. Check if there are any errors shown. Listening on the right port/range is just part of the puzzle.

Have you read this?

Thank you I was able to make it working

I’m curious - were you able to set fly-global-services as the host for the WebRTC server? Using using (js) → node-datachannel (js) → libdatachannel (cpp) and having trouble finding where to configure this host (using ICE servers for connection).