How to migrate domain from aws to

How to migrate domain from aws to

I’d recommend you try setting up your app without a custom domain first. You’ll get an IP address and out of the box. Then, once you confirm things are working, you can migrate your domain. Does this answer your question?

Yes it is… So how do I migrate the domain after setting the app?

Thanks for your response.

Once your app is set all you have to do is issue certificates for your on your app dashboard or using flyctl then confirm that you own the domain by pointing the right DNS records

Take this example from a personal app of mine

Both FlyCTL and our app dashboard will be very helpful telling which record and values you should set after you create the certificate.

Also, don’t forget to remove the old records that point to AWS. One mistake I’ve seen is people having records pointing to Fly AND AWS so things get weird :sweat_smile: