How to interpret metrics for multiple regions?

Er, not sure what more to say. I tried looking for docs on how to interpret the metrics and couldn’t find anything. I only understand some of what the metrics are telling me in the first place. Once I scaled up and added regions I noticed some things went up and now I’m even less certain what they mean :upside_down_face: Any docs I missed or some tips on what to look out for would be helpful! Should I be able to see metrics based on region?

Metrics can be hard to grok sometimes. You can easily create queries that will give you uninteresting results :confused:

We have our own internal dashboard using the same metrics we expose users (more or less, they do have different names and labels), so I can probably help you there.

I assume you’re using Grafana here. Metrics in our own UI are very basic.

Most of our dashboards have variables:

Other useful variables could be:

  • regionlabel_values(region)

Now this allows you to use $region in your queries to filter by region.

If you’d rather not mess with that too much, you can always sum your queries by region.

For example, to get http response per second per status per region:

sum by (status,region) (

We need to create more advanced dashboards that resemble our own dashboards and publish them.

What specific outcome are you looking for with your queries? I can help figure out the right series and how to query them to get the answers you need :slight_smile:

Ummm… You’re talking to a frontend guy. I’m afraid I only understood half of what you said.

What I need to be productive is a pre-made dashboard that’s got all the metrics I need to keep tabs on without having to write my own queries :sweat_smile: Problem is that this is just not my domain so I don’t even know what metrics I need to keep tabs on.

Sorry, I’m just outside my element here :upside_down_face:

@kentcdodds your life will be amazing if you go sign up for a (free) Grafana cloud account, and then follow these instructions: Hooking Up Fly Metrics · Fly

We can help you tweak what’s on that dashboard to your taste. But what’s there will be much more helpful than our limited UI. Because we’re not frontend people. :slight_smile:

We will hopefully have a better built in dashboard once we get some hiring done. It’s important we just haven’t been able to spend much time on it yet!

I’ll probably have to do that I guess :sweat_smile: Thanks for the tips/resources!

Sorry about that! I’m working on a Grafana dashboard I can share with our users. This is much easier than building a custom charts UI in our web app.

Once you have access to a Grafana instance, it’ll be very easy to setup.

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@kentcdodds I’ve created and shared a Grafana Dashboard (post) and added some instructions on how to import it into a Grafana instance.

Of course I’m happy to help you get setup if my docs aren’t clear enough :slight_smile:

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