How to deploy a Rails project with Docker already configured?

I’m in love with this project:

This project does a whole Docker setup, ready for production. It already has Dockerfile, Docker Compose, Docker Entrypoint and everything else. I like it because it is very easy to install in the dev environment, but I would like to know if it is possible to use a project like this in

Running this setup on fly would require some translation. Definitely doable, but not as one-click easy as it is running locally.

We support Dockerfiles, but we don’t have any magic for docker-compose. That means each service defined in docker-compose has to be deployed separately, manually.
Within the org you want to run your app, you’d probably want to create separate apps for your postgres and redis. You could then probably rework the asset step into the Docker builder pattern.
Sidekiq would probably work best as a separate process group?

Personally, I think the easiest path forward would be to use that repository as a template for your development environment only, follow this guide from our docs on deploying a rails app to fly, then try to converge on both sides to the same configuration. That should get you a deployment that reliably works in development the same as live :slight_smile:

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