How often does fly restart machines?

I’m exploring fly for a service that would use long-lived websockets, ideally with minimal reconnects.

I’ll be migrating from Heroku which does a daily restard of dynos. I know that a fresh deploy will spin up a new machine instance, but I can’t find much info after that. Does fly periodically restart apps? What’s the schedule / average? When has this happened in the past? (E.g. are there any incidents that led to restarting large numbers of apps)


No. We don’t have daily/regular restarts today.

Regarding incidents and underlying sever failures, we may need to stop and move your machines to newly-provisioned servers.

Thanks. @kaz Can you give an indication of how often this happens usually?

In real world use over the last 6 months, how many times would my Fly VM have been restarted?

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