How handles zombie process


I noted my is app is reporting logs like the following:

Reaped child process with pid: 808 and signal: SIGKILL, core dumped? false

Essentially the log appeared after I killed a subprocess that I need to run. All is okay with, but what I was thinking is my Docker image is starting dumb-init on background for preventing zombies processes:

ENTRYPOINT ["dumb-init", "--"]

so my eyes looks like is also doing some logic there for preventing zombie processes, so my question is, how is handling zombie processes? maybe I don’t need dumb-init anymore on my side?

You don’t need dumb-init (or tini is another popular one). We do reap zombies!

We have our own init. Here’s a snapshot of our code for it from a few months ago: GitHub - superfly/init-snapshot: Fly

awesome :tada: