How do the compute instances on the billing page map to price?

Fly seems to have a fantastically generous free tier, but the numbers are a bit unclear. The free tier says “Run 3 shared-cpu-1x VMs full time.” And the pricing page has rates for the VM types “shared-cpu-1x”, “dedicated-cpu-1x”, “dedicated-cpu-2x”, etc.

But then on my billing page, under “Firecracker VM exec time,” it says I have 4d of “micro-1x” compute time and 35s of “cpu1mem1” compute time. Are those aliases of “shared-cpu-1x”?

Am I correct in my understanding that the free tier ends when the sum of my “micro-1x” and “cpu1mem1” time exceeds 97 days per month (8,436,960 seconds)?

This is some staleness in our usage page. micro-1x is the equivalent of shared-cpu-1x, the cpu1mem1 is the equivalent of dedicated-cpu-1x. That’s probably a remote builder getting counted, not what you’ll be billed for.

Stripe is, unfortunately, hot garbage for reporting on metered services so we have to maintain our own usage-metrics-that-arent-actually-used-for-billing.

You are correct that the free tier ends when you hit 8,436,960 seconds worth of micro-1x.