How can I remove existing app from public network

I have an APP which is already running. Is accessible from the outside (Public Internet). I can access it. I want to remove it from the public network, to be accessible only internally.

Actually, I have two same apps, one for production (this one should continue being accessible from outside), and the staging app, this one should only be accessible internally (I will use Tunnel to access it). The code base is the same.

How can I do that?


Remove the [[services]] section from your fly.toml and redeploy. See App Configuration (fly.toml) · Fly Docs

You might as well also delete the [[statics]] section.

Thank you for your response @rubys

But doing that will also change the settings the production app.

I have the same codde base, I decide to which app to deploy, based on the branch. If I change this file, when I merge to main branch, production app will also be removed from the public network. How can I prevent that, and change only for the app deployed to staging?

Fly deploy has a --config parameter. Create two apps, with two config files. Specify which one you want to deploy by specifying the configuration file for the app you want.

You can use flyctl apps create · Fly Docs to create the second app, or rename the fly.toml and run fly launch again.

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