How can I find my SQLite database?

I’m new to Fly (and to coding in general).

I created a very simple Django app that is basically a search tool with pagination and pdf export. It works fine on my local environment (laptop), but after deploying to Fly I’m getting the following error when I try to access the live html page that I would go to to run searches from…

Exception Value:
no such table: search_traininglog

I’m thinking that maybe this means that my SQLlite database containing my tables and data did not make it over to Fly during the deploy.

I’m not seeing a file browser in the Fly dashboard or anything else that would allow me to view my files and such. How can I go about confirming that my SQLite database file made it over to Fly?

Any assistance on this would be most appreciated.

often databases are excluded from the container either in the Dockerfile by not copying it over or in .dockerignore. Generally (though not always) data isn’t considered part of the artifact and a database (even a SQLite database) would be initialized and populated after deployment.

Is it possible you need to perform a database migration on the deployed sqlite database?

It’s possible for you to use fly console to attach to an existing machine and poke around with the shell.

[1] fly console · Fly Docs