Host id env

Would be nice to add the underlying hosts id as a env within the created vm, this would allow rack aware software such as Cassandra to position data in the most optional locations to minimize loss in failure conditions.

We’ve been working on this! You can currently detect something like a host identified from private IP addresses. If you run fly ips private, you’ll see something like this:

b9789a01 ord(B) fdaa:0:1:a7b:7d:b978:9a01:2
9f62857b syd(B) fdaa:0:1:a7b:b92:9f62:857b:2
6dc070b9 ams(B) fdaa:0:1:a7b:aa3:6dc0:70b9:2
c0e053d6 nrt(B) fdaa:0:1:a7b:aaa:c0e0:53d6:2
365b61b1 scl(B) fdaa:0:1:a7b:69:365b:61b1:2
4d2ed23d lax(B) fdaa:0:1:a7b:85:4d2e:d23d:2

The first 4 segments are unique per host.

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Just to confirm, fdaa:0:1:a7b:aaa would identify a unique host