[hobby plan] deployed apps are suspended within minutes. how to fix?

hi, i’ve deployed a few apps and noticed that each of them is marked as suspended within minutes of the deploy. once i hit the public facing url, they go back to the “deployed” state… but within a minute or so after that, they go back to suspended.

where can i read up on how quickly apps go into a suspended state? do i need a plan to keep my apps alive longer?

in particular, i’m trying to ssh into a machine to setup a volume… but between starting the app and ssh’ing into it, the box suspends itself.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,

You don’t need a plan to keep your apps running. Can you check if your fly.toml has a auto_stop_machines = true? If so, try setting that to false.

@flyandre Could you elaborate a bit on that flag? I can’t find it in google nor the toml reference (App Configuration (fly.toml) · Fly Docs).

Thanks! @flyandre you’re right that auto stop flag was set to true.

That’s very amusing because I’ve been trying to get the machines to turn off and stay off…

I updated the fly binary and found it.

 flyctl machine update <machine_id> [flags]

  -a, --app string              Application name
      --autostart               Automatically start a stopped machine when a network request is received (default true)
      --autostop                Automatically stop a machine when there aren't network requests for it (default true)

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We’ve just published a post that explains all this: Automatically starting/stopping Apps v2 instances.

Updates to docs coming very soon too!


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