Hitting Fly Machine instance via private IP

I created an App which contains two different Machine VMs; the VMs are running different Docker images.

After creating a new machine using flyctl, I was given a private ip:
Machine started, you can connect via the following private ip fdaa:0:f205:a7b:a45b:4f67:ccf4:2

How can I hit that particular instance of the VM directly from the public internet?

On way is using (userspace) wireguard proxy which is accessible with the flyctl proxy command: wireguard tunnels from userland - #2 by kurt

Ref this example from docs on connecting to MinIO’s web-ui over (6pn) private IP with flyctl proxy: Deploy MinIO Object Storage to Fly.io · Fly Docs

Read also: WireGuard peering without proxy - #2 by kurt