Heroku Migrated App's Ruby Version Mismatch

I used Heroku · Launch on Fly.io to migrate some of my apps over.

I see the apps work fine by going to the my-app-name.fly.dev endpoints. However, when I try to open up a Rails console to the apps, I get errors saying the system’s Ruby version has a mismatch.

For two apps that I just migrated over:

➜ ~ fly ssh console -a my-first-app -C "app/bin/rails console"
Connecting to top1.nearest.of.my-first-app.internal... complete
Your Ruby version is 2.5.1, but your Gemfile specified 3.0.3

➜  ~ fly ssh console -a my-second-app -C "app/bin/rails console"
Connecting to top1.nearest.of.my-second-app.internal... complete
Your Ruby version is 2.7.0, but your Gemfile specified 3.1.2

I’m not sure what’s going on here - can someone help me figure out why the console doesn’t think the environment isn’t set up even though the web app loads just fine?


Side note - the reason I’m trying to console in is to see the value of DATABASE_URL’s env var value. I want to see if fly is just pointing to my Heroku db or if a copy was made and is pointing to one hosted by fly.