[help] flyctl deploy - Error not a valid image


Can’t deploy success


  1. cp: can’t stat ‘/throwaway/resources’: No such file or directory
  2. Error not a valid image: registry.fly.io/nekomi:build-4v0l91exkxo8z7e5

Deploy the uploaded version as before, but this time there is an error that has not been done before, and the upload fails.

I want to ask if there is any help to fix this problem

I am still a newbie at the back end, and hope to get a patient reply.

Hello! That’s a really strange error, we haven’t seen it before but we’re going to see if we can replicate it.

Would you mind sharing your fly.toml file with us? And your Dockerfile, if you’re using one?

The /throwaway/resources error looks fine. The invalid image error is very strange.

@nekomi412 What version of flyctl are you using? Also, along with the fly.toml and Dockerfile, could you paste the command you used to run flyctl deploy?

@nekomi412 Looks like you’re using an old version of flyctl. Update to the latest and give it a try again.

really ? Let me try .

can you teach me how to update to the last version? flyctl upgrade ?

Try running flyctl version update

Oh wow, i successded !, it successded after the version update.

Thanks you for @michael @kurt help to this problem.

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