Grafana labels for http request method

I’ve been slowly whittling away at the P99 performance and at this point, the requests that are 5 seconds should be all POST requests. These graphs becomes decidedly much less useful as some things will just take a while and they are supposed to take a while.

I found the filter for http request status (2xx,3xx, etc) but couldn’t find an appropriate label to filter by request method (GET vs POST vs HEAD). Is there a way to do so or can the label be added?


Correct, HTTP requests are only labeled with the response status (not the request method), so the only way to filter on this would be to have your application export its own custom metrics and query those instead. (As one example, the Ruby prometheus_exporter gem adds labels for the Rails controller and action on its metrics.)

That said, adding a method label to these platform metrics should be possible, it’s something we can look into. Thanks for the feature request!


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