github actions, remote builder vs local builder

So my current fly app deploys using GH github Actions and follows the instructions here

But I notice flyctl deploy --remote-only, so I assume 99% of the CPU to make the docker image, is running on a Fly VM, and not a GH VM. Can someone explain pros or cons, of why 2 VMs are running? How come the standard recipe doesn’t use the GH VM for heavy lifting? Is the fly VM faster than a GH Vm or base builder root fs image is somehow magically better start up/lower cpu/low ram/etc?

Could I cut out github actions and flyctl binary, and just run a REST/fetch() command from Cloudflare Workers or Chrome Browser or curl to run the Fly image builder VM?

Caching Docker layers in GitHub Actions is kind of complicated. The remote builder handles caching for you, so it’s generally faster unless you do a bunch of GitHub Actions config.

You can’t really get at the builders via HTTP. Our CLI connects to them over WireGuard.

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