Getting flyctl ssh console timeout

Connecting to foo.internal...⢿ Error connect to SSH server: dial: lookup foo.internal. on fdea:0:b1e::3: read udp [fdea:0:b1e:a7b:ce2:0:a:0]:16986: i/o timeout

Getting ssh timeouts with multiple apps. Imagine this is on fly’s side since it’s timing out on an ipv6 addr?

This might be an issue with our userland Wireguard stuff, we’ve seen timeouts like this more than we’d like!

It’s a little more work, but would you mind setting up a proper wireguard connection and see if that works? We have docs for getting wireguard going.

Once that’s connected, you should be able to run flyctl ips private and then ping6 <private-ip>.

If that works, you can setup SSH directly with:

fly ssh establish
fly ssh issue

Then run:

ssh root@<private-ip>

Not trivially it seems. I’m on NixOS and the various wireguard config options using the output of fly wireguard create keep leading to broken DNS behavior.

Will try again later.

Ok, ran into the exact same issue mentioned here: WireGuard noob challenges - #7 by daz.wilkin

Ended up switching from ewr to sea to get it to work, now all the bits seem to be flowing.

Now it’s working! Got ssh root@<private-ip> to connect sucessfully.