Getting Error tunnel unavailable for organization

I’m checking, and there seem to be no issue on the platform right now.
However, when trying to access my postgres DB I am not able to do the proxy.

$ flyctl proxy 5432 -a app_name
Opening a wireguard tunnel to <> ⢿ Error tunnel unavailable for organization <>: failed probing "<>": context deadline exceeded
# version
flyctl v0.0.325 linux/amd64 Commit: da2b638 BuildDate: 2022-04-28T04:26:35Z

Any hint?

Maybe give this a try? See if it helps at all:


Thanks! Is there a way to bulk delete old wg connections?

I used greg’s answer but ended up deleting ALL wireguard entries so:

flyctl wireguard list
flyctl wireguard reset
flyctl wireguard remove  # did this for all the listed connections

then flyctl stopped responding to any commands so i:

flyctl auth logout
# I restarted my mac
flyctl auth login

and then “flyctl proxy 5432 -a app_name” worked again