GDPR and DPAs - we can help

“Ugh, compliance. So important and boring.”

– colleague who shall remain nameless

My colleague is not wrong. Also, if you need a DPA with us for GDPR, we can help.

We’ve had questions from customers about whether we can support GDPR, the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation. GDPR describes how companies are allowed to process their customers’ personal information.

Companies who work with customers in the EU need to comply with GDPR. Usually this means that they need to have a DPA, or Data Processing Addendum, in place with their vendors. customers who need to comply with GDPR might need a DPA with us.

We’re sorry to say that we can’t make GDPR any less boring. It is important, though. So we’re happy to say that we can support your GDPR compliance with a DPA.

If you need a DPA with us, email us at and we will send you one to sign.


I will in a couple of months!

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