Force detection of docker application?

I’m trying to deploy a dockerized application, and I want flyctl to recognize my application as a docker application and not as a django application. Is this possible?

What I don’t want:

$ fly launch
Scanning source code
Detected a Django app

Not currently. But perhaps you don’t need fly launch?

Oversimplifying, fly launch does the following:

  • fly apps create
  • Produce a Dockerfile (which you already have)
  • Produce a fly.toml (the only update you will generally need is the app = line)
  • fly deploy

Depending on your needs, fly launch can do more (like create a postgres db, but that too can be done via fly postgres create

Thanks for responding! I’m new to and did not know where to start, and the tutorials I found said to use fly launch (Deploy via Dockerfile · Fly Docs, Django on · Fly Docs). I did need it to create the postgres database, and to create the fly.toml file, and now I have those. I’ll look into fly deploy then, for the next step.

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