flyctl ssh console: Waiting for host... and nothing happens

Hi @sudhir.j

It doesn’t depend on the region. I tried with and without…

Thanks. Are you on Windows, by any chance?

Macbook macOS 10.15.7

Other apps (in another org) work properly and I can connect.

Other apps (in another org) work properly and I can connect.

If connections work to other orgs and apps, just not this one, there may not be anything to update on your end. Let me check with the team and get back to you.

@nickolay.loshkarev can you try removing the wire_guard_state entry for your org in ~/.fly/config.yml and trying again? This will create a new WireGuard tunnel which might help get you unblocked.

Hi @michael,

I removed the section and ran again
flyctl ssh console -r lhr -a concordia-production-web -r lhr
This created the section again.

It’s interesting because I couldn’t connect to trusseltrust instances. They both are in region fra

Hi @michael,

We tested this for @matt2 and he didn’t connect either

Same here

When you removed the wire_guard_state and tried it again it still didn’t work, right? We’d expect it to put new keys back in, but it’s still not working?

It put new keys and it’s still not working

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Could this be due to a tools update (flyctl)?

If it was a flyctl problem I’d expect it to break all the orgs you’re connecting to, not just this one. We’re in the process of debugging this, though, will share more info when we have something.

I have the problem for any instances trusseltrust and concordia They both are in region fra

fra I meant in ~/.fly/config.yml but they are in lhr

Thanks, we’re debugging this. In the meanwhile let me try to find a workaround.

@nickolay.loshkarev Could you do a fly status on the trusseltrust and concordia apps? Would help to see how long they’ve been running.

At this point the CLI seems to be connecting to the wrong IPs — could you also run

fly ips private

to get the current list of your VM IPs, and then

fly ssh console -s

— when you choose an app/region combination here it’ll show which IP it’s trying to connect to. If there’s a mismatch there we’ll know that that’s the issue.

The link to short record Monosnap



That’s really helpful, thanks. The DNS call to get the IP(s) to connect do seems to be failing, we can look specifically at that.

Wow. That looks network-y (that’s the error you get — it should be a better error! — when flyctl can’t talk to our DNS at all).

A question: does this work sporadically for you, or never?

If it works for you sometimes, does it depend in any way on where you’re working from (home, office, etc)?