flyctl launch can't select region through ssh session

I’m trying to use flyctl from a Ubuntu 20 server via an ssh into the server. I’ve finished enough development to be ready to deploy. I gotten around the authentication issue by flyctl auth login issue by adding --interactive.

Then I type flyctl launch. I can enter an app name but I am having trouble selecting the region. I’ve filtered down to mia. Right mouse doesn’t seem to select the region. Any suggestions on how to deploy my first Phoenix app on

If I understand right, hitting enter doesn’t select your preferred region?

Is it possible to take a little screen capture so we can see what’s happening?

launch takes a --region parameter that you can use if the interactive selector isn’t working, but that’s a weird bug!

The issue is that I was misinterpreting the error message. Name is not valid or something like that. Since it followed selecting the region, I thought that the region is not valid. The name I was entering for the app was invalid for some unexplained reason. If I let the tool select the name, I was able to get the app deployed.