`flyctl` eats CPU

I am not even sure what it’s doing. I don’t have a fly command running :cry: but this does explain why my mac is getting so hot…

parent process: launchd. That’s the daemon manager, right?

I can kill the process of course. Maybe that will help. But is there anything I can do to help debug this?

Using v0.1.64

sending SIGUSR2 signal should dump information to the flyctl agent log

logs can be found at ~/.fly/agent-logs/

Where can I send the result? It seems like it contains some org names, some keys too. Not sure if sensitive but I prefer sending on a private channel.

send it over email to daniel@fly.io


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yikes! the log output doesn’t include debug dump from SIGUSR2
because agent’s Stderr is not piped to it.

kill the process if you haven’t already, and if you are able to reproduce the issue consistently, a good idea is to run the agent manually with fly agent run agent.log and while keeping the terminal open, send SIGUSR2 signal to it.

@dangra why does flyctl runs in the background even when it’s not being used?

I can’t do better than this article to explain it Our User-Mode WireGuard Year · Fly

In case you wonder, all the agent code is open at https://github.com/superfly/flyctl/tree/master/agent/server

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