flyctl bug

Because of some reason, I cannot install the flyctl in my Windows. I instead have to use the released flyctl binary executable in github.

Everything runs smoothly at first. However, after a sudden crash of my computer when deploying my website, even I recovered my computer, I get this warning now when running flyctl:

“Error loading config While parsing config: yaml: control characters are not allowed
flyctl is a command line interface to the platform.”

Do you have any clue? I cannot use flyctl now, even “flyctl auth login” failed.

To provide more information about my setup, I actually copied flyctl.exe and wintun.dll from the github zip file to my project folder. Then, I start my setup, which went normal at the beginning, until the computer crashed all of a sudden.

I’m not 100% sure on windows, but on linux systems there is a ~/.fly directory with a configuration file in there. Windows likely has something similar.

I’d check on that to see if it has something odd in the yaml files there. You can delete it and re-create it via flyctl auth login if needed.

I have heard that solution, but the x86 releases of flyctl (Releases · superfly/flyctl · GitHub) does not have any yaml.

You may wonder why I do not install it using the Powershell script provided, that’s simply because the computer is not mine, so I can only use portable executables.

Can I ask for a portable flyctl.exe? I am very sure the issue is not related to my app, coz I tried to follow the instructions of a sample app. I started to get errors when I just typed my first command, which is “flyctl --help”