Fly region pool not being respected


I deployed an app by accident in MAD. However, I would like it in LHR; even though I’ve changed the region pool to only include LHR, it’s not switching on redeploy.

Any ideas on how to move it?

:thinking: I don’t know if there is an official/better way, but I wonder if you could give it a push by running fly scale count 2 to definitely get a new vm made. That should hopefully result in 1 vm in lhr, and 1 vm in mad (the current vm).

And then fly scale count 1. Which (in theory) would remove the now redundant one in mad.

Shouldn’t be necessary but if your redeploy hasn’t given it a push, I wonder if that would.

Interesting I’m seeing this error:

fly scale count 2 -a ez-api-production                                                                  
Error Invalid VM group:

fly v0.0.426 darwin/amd64 Commit: dd396512 BuildDate: 2022-11-01T10:06:21Z

Hi @matthewford, this looks like the kind of error you might get if this app had multiple processes defined. If so, you’ll have to specify the process when scaling (edit: or changing regions).

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