fly proxy: An unknown error occured.

❯ fly proxy 5433 -a myapp-db --verbose
Error An unknown error occured.

It worked 10 minutes ago.

Try now? We had a half broken API deploy causing errors, it’s since been rolled back.

It works now. Thanks.

I’m trying to move from Digital Ocean to Fly and customer waiting to test so it can be a bit embarassing when stuff happens that I don’t know how to fix and no details.

That specific failure shouldn’t have affected the proxy command. We’re investigating that, we should be able to make most operations on running applications more resilient to API issues.

I also switched ports and then back again. So It could have also that the port was being held open by background process not properly shutting down?

Is ctrl+c the proper way to cleanly stop the proxy?

That was almost definitely an API error. “Unknown error” usually means our API returned an error response we didn’t know how to handle.

ctrl + c is the right way to stop the proxy.

If you need a maximally reliable connection to private services on the network, setting up a real wireguard peer will save you some headaches. The proxy command is a convenience with a few extra moving parts. It’ll get better!