Fly Postgres - migrate from v1 to v2

I have a Fly Postgres app running on the old v1 platform which consists of 2 instances (a leader and a replica with their respective volumes).

If I want to upgrade this app to the v2 platform is it just a case of running fly migrate-to-v2? I guess I’ll need to get the config.

Is there anything else I should be aware of? It would be very unfortunate if I lost data performing this migration…

Hey there,

You are correct, upgrading your app from v1 to v2 is done by running fly migrate-to-v2.

Before doing that though I would definitely check these articles out first to make sure you are all squared away, so that way you don’t lose any data :+1:t3:.

  1. Backup, Restores, & Snapshots · Fly Docs
  2. Migrate an Existing Fly App to Apps V2 · Fly Docs
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