[Fly Metrics] Grafana upgraded to v10.4

We just upgraded the version of Grafana on Fly Metrics, our managed Grafana service, from v9.2 to v10.4!

This is the first major Grafana-version upgrade we’ve deployed since the initial launch of Fly Metrics. There are a ton of UI changes! Here are some of the highlights:

To sift through all the details, check out What’s new in Grafana for each release this upgrade covers:

The built-in Fly Metrics dashboards have all been updated and tested to work with the upgraded Grafana version, but for those of you that have imported or built custom dashboards, it’s possible that this major upgrade might cause unexpected issues. Please let us know if you’re having any trouble and we’ll try to help sort things out.

This version upgrade also unblocks some other Fly Metrics things we’ve been actively working on as well- so stay tuned!