Fly Machines API - Create Machine from Private Container Registry


Is there a way to use the Fly Machines REST API Create Machine method without uploading the image to a public container registry?


Yes,<app-name> is private to the org that owns the Fly app, app-name.

So, you can upload to it, instead.

Ref: No such image error - #6 by kurt (just the final deploy step here would be different).

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That’s what I’ve been looking for. Do you happen to know if there are any restrictions about the amount/total size of images stored in those registries?

Fly’s private registry is free for the time being: Registry @, is there cost to this?

I’ve seen Fly engs say even multi-gigabyte sized images are fine, ex: 2.2 GB docker image is not uploading. - #12 by michael

That said, for Machine apps, Fly intends to (it doesn’t currently?) charge in proportion to the size of deployed images: We're launching Fly machines today - #8 by starptech

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