Fly Machine Scaling for Remote Builder Failing

I’m running the command fly machine update <machine_id> -a fly-builder-falling-sun-9884 -s dedicated-cpu-1x

However, receiving the following errors.

Machine <machine_id> was found and is currently in a started state, attempting to update…
Searching for image ‘’ remotely…
image found: img_lrjxpgwe3j7v7n6q
Image size: 99 MB

Error failed to update VM <machine_id>: invalid config.guest.cpu_kind, only “shared” or “performance” currently supported

What is the appropriate command to scale up a builder on v2 of the platform?

Hey, so with v2 of the platform, we aren’t supporting dedicated CPUs. The default is 256MB, shared cpu 1x, and you can pick between shared (which scales up to 2048MB) and performance (which scales to 8192MB with 2 times the number of CPUs as shared) when scaling up

Thanks @shortdiv for the response. I gathered as much, though I’m still not familiar enough with machines nor clear on how to scale up the machine for the remote builder.

When obtaining the status of the machine behind the builder, it shows the following specs:
“guest”: {
“cpu_kind”: “shared”,
“cpus”: 4,
“memory_mb”: 8192

Whereas the builder app itself via the dashboard shows:

Can you share the appropriate cli command to scale up the builder app?

You have the option of using any of the following to scale up

shared-cpu-1x (default)

So you’d run something like fly machine update <machineid> --app <app> --size shared-cpu-2x

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