Fly launch for Rails is too invasive

Hi, a few days ago I ran fly launch in a Rails application.

It deleted the custom dockerfile I had and the entrypoint. It added Sentry, which I don’t need in any way.

This seems extremely invasive to me. I just want to deploy to fly. I haven’t asked to modify my application by adding new gems or changing my Dockerfiles.

I hope you can improve that


Deleting the Dockerfile is a bug. I’ll take a look into it.

While I believe the default should be to add Sentry as that’s part of the fly platform’s value add these days, I agree that it should be an option.

This will be fixed in the next release of flyctl: Rails dont clobber dockerfile (#3083) · superfly/flyctl@6f95a64 · GitHub

We’ve gone ahead and changed the default to NOT add sentry:

This, too, will be in the next flyctl.

Thank you so much! Now much better.

I’m not against promoting Sentry. I just resent them touching my app without my permission by adding gems and related configuration files.

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