Fly IO Redis with Node JS

I’m having a tough time understanding how to integrate fly IO redis into my node js application. I’m running a socket IO web server which uses redis pub/sub to keep different instances in sync. There is no need to store any data in the database at all. How do I connect it in my nodeJs application i.e. what code do I put if I’m using:

const redis = require("redis");
const redisAdapter = require("");

const pubClient = redis.createClient({ REDIS INFO HERE });
const subClient = pubClient.duplicate();

pubClient.on("error", err => console.error(err));
subClient.on("error", err => console.error(err));


const adapter = redisAdapter.createAdapter(pubClient, subClient)

Also, would PostGres or Redis be better in this situation? Also, would performing pub/sub a lot sending a simple javascript Object (few bytes) cause the free Upstash quota to finish? Or does pub/sub not count as operations?

Upstash Redis in | Upstash: Documentation suggests:

const client = redis.createClient(process.env.REDIS_URL);

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