Fly Extensions - is it new?

Or has it existed for a while? Any benefit of using Sentry through it versus normally? Would there be a pricing difference?

One year of credits it says… but in beta?

fly extensions sentry create

  • For application error tracking, we’re about to provision a Sentry Team Plan account for you with a year’s worth of credits. By provisioning this project, you agree to the Sentry Terms of Service: Supplemental Terms · Fly Docs

Error: input:3: createAddOn Sentry provisioning is in private beta. Check back soon!

Thanks for the interest @chachra. We’re formalizing an Extensions Program now, and Sentry is one of the upcoming extensions along with PlanetScale.

The goal is for all new apps to get a Sentry project automatically created. Pricing plans are the same. By provisioning through Fly, your org gets its own Team Plan with a year of credits. Then, we have an SSO feature to make it easy to get into your app-specific Sentry project.

if you’re already using Sentry, you should probably continue with your existing account.


got it. very cool.

so if already using sentry then don’t use extensions?

If the fly org or application is deleted would it automatically delete the external resources (eg. planetscale account)? I’d assume not and we’d be able to continue using sentry or planetscale, correct?

We don’t delete extensions, you’re right. Your account on these providers is yours.

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How will the billing work? Will it be billed through fly or separate?

This depends on the provider, but our intent is for most extensions to bill through Upstash Redis bills through us now. For Sentry, you’d have to manage billing on their platform.

Does the pricing change if it’s billed through fly? Or will the pricing be the same as on the provider’s website?

The pricing will be the same as on their site.

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