Fly down?

Fair point, thank you for pointing that out. I have not seen that article before and just went under the assumption since it is provisioned by fly then it is managed.

Although my issues with the service are somehow not mentioned on that page.

  • My cluster has not run out of memory my - the application services very low amount of users atm.
  • My cluster has not run out of space - the databse is currently under 500MB in size so that is out of the question.

The cluster itself was created less than two months ago and I have not installed any plugins nor have I messed with updating an image or similar tasks - I am using it less than two months in its vanilla configuration done by fly in HA mode and I have still experienced outages (network issues IMO) multiple times.

Although it is not a managed service it is still something provided by fly on their own infrastructure and proclaimed to be high availability - I am probably naive but I have expected it to work (at least until I have messed with it by eg. updating the image)

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